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Velvex Trans-Gear EP 80W-90 1 Ltr

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280 215 / 1 LTR
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Extreme pressure hypoid gear oil designed to provide effective lubrication in wide range of automotive transmission and axle drives. Gear box oil of this type are recommended by motor vehicle and gear box manufacturers for use in synchromesh and non synchromesh manual gearboxes, power units for building machinery, agricultural machinery, tractors and axle drives exposed to normal stresses. Suitable in Passenger Cars, Vans, Commercial vehicles, Buses, Tractors, Construction equipments Application- Velvex Trans-Gear EP 80W-90 is ideal for manual transmission, rear axle, automotive hypoid gear units & fluid lubricated universal joints & for applications where API GL-4 fluid is recommended. Suitable in Passenger Cars, Vans, Light commercial vehicles, Buses, Tractors, Construction equipments. Benefits- · Maximises equipment life · Protection against corrosion · Reduces gear wear & scuffing · Prevents loss of lubricant from foaming · Resist oxidation & oil thickening Pack Size- · 210Ltr, 20Ltr, 5Ltr. Performance Level- · API GL-4