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Velvex Tractor Prima 15W-40 6 Ltr

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1,686 1,359 / 6 Ltr
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Product description:Multigrade Diesel Engine Oil for use in Tractors and other FarmEquipments. Suitable for use in both naturally aspirated andTurbo Charged Diesel Engines operating under severe serviceconditions. Formulated to extend engine life and preventcarbon built-up in engines thereby reducing maintenance cost.Recommended for Tractors, and Farm Equipments ofMahindra, Escorts, TAFE, Swaraj, Sonalika, HMT. Application: Multigrade Diesel Engine oil for use in Tractors & other Farm Equipments, also suitable for use in both naturally aspirated & Turbocharged Diesel Engine operating under severe service condition. Benefits: Reduces wear of engine parts Reduces Maintenance Cost Protects from Rust & Corrosion Minimizes Deposits Extends oil drain intervals Performance level: API CF-4 Pack Size: 10Ltr, 8.5Ltr, 7.5Ltr, 6Ltr, 1Ltr.