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Velvex Multi Grade 20W-40 20 Ltr

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4,377 3,368 / 20 Ltr
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All Season Multigrade Diesel Engine oil suitable for use in both naturally aspirated and Turbo Charged Diesel Engines operating under sever service conditions. It is also suitable for LCVs, Trucks, and buses powered with pre India 2000 engines. Formulated using combination of conventional base oils with latest additive technology which guarantees high sheer resistant engine oil that is sure to prevent deposit builtup, lowers friction and provide optimal wear protection. Recommended as all purpose engine oil in Trucks, Buses, Tractors, & Construction Equipments. Application- Multigrade Diesel Engine oil Suitable for use in both naturally aspirated & Turbocharged Diesel Engine operating under severe service condition. It also suitable for LCV’s, Trucks, & Buses powered with pre India 2000 engines. 3. A modern, multi-grade engine oil of the new generation for Benefits- · Reduces wear of engine parts · Reduces Maintenance Cost · Protects from Rust & Corrosion · Minimizes Deposits Pack Size- · 210Ltr, 55Ltr, 20Ltr, 10Ltr, 7.5Ltr, 5Ltr, 1Ltr, 500ML.